Kelsey Ann Nevin

I am a 24 year old Australian girl who lives in Kensington, Sydney with my partner Eddy and our very cute (but very obnoxious) Alexandrine parrot Reggie.

Iā€™m forever in a constant state of daydream and for as long as I can remember I have been this way, just lost in my own thoughts. I originally started this as a travel blog because at the time all my thoughts were focused on travel and I felt I needed a creative outlet for these thoughts before I self-imploded.

Travel is still an obsession of mine but I also find myself constantly thinking about so many other things I encounter in everyday life. I can’t seem to switch my brain off from all the things that make me happy, sad, angry and everything in between so I have been writing it all down. Slowly but surely (in true Kelsey fashion) I will be uploading posts that aren’t just related to travel but also the crazy thoughts that run through my mind on a daily basis.

I’m pretty lazy with posting on my blog but I promise one day I’ll get better so stay tuned !!

– Kels xo.